Legal notice

General Incorporated Association Otaku Coin Association

Kodaka Naomitsu

General Incorporated Association Otaku Coin Association
GRiD, 2-5-3 Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

telephone number:

email address:

Selling price:

It will be displayed on the product purchase page.

Necessary charges other than the product price:

[Consumption tax] 10% (in the case of Japanese yen settlement).
[Shipping] There is no shipping fee.

payment method:
[Credit Card] JCB, VISA, Master Card, Diners, American Express affiliated cards can be used.
[Paypal] You can use the payment method provided by Paypal.

Payment timing:
[Credit card payment] It depends on the card company you use.
[Paypal] Same as Paypal payment time.

Of the productDelivery method and delivery time:
The purchaser is required to prepare the wallet address of "MetaMask" that can receive the specified blockchain such as Ethereum and Polygon (Matic) recommended in this shop. Based on the wallet address you entered at the time of purchase, we will send it by the date stated in the outline of each NFT.

It takes about 7 business days to manufacture the physical goods ordered, and the average delivery time of the order takes about 5 business days, but it depends on the delivery destination.
In addition, the shipping fee is uniform nationwide, and it will be 410 yen when purchasing one item, and 10 yen for each item after purchasing two or more items. Please check this out for details.

Purchases by minors:
If you are a minor, please obtain the consent of your guardian before purchasing.

Returns / defectives / cancellations /Return deadline:
The NFT products of this shop are digital data (NFT) utilizing blockchain technology, and due to the characteristics of blockchain technology, digital data once sent to the specified wallet cannot be returned, exchanged, re-sent, etc. In the unlikely event that you receive digital data that is different from your order due to a defect in our association, please contact us within 3 days of arrival and send it by the method specified by us. We will refund your money.

We do not accept any returns or exchanges due to customer's convenience.
Please note that due to the characteristics of blockchain technology, even if the wallet address specified by the customer is an address that does not receive digital data (NFT), it cannot be returned, exchanged, or resent.

About physical products
Please check the product delivered within "7 days" after the product arrives, and if the product is found to be initially defective, it will be the same product, replacement, and free repair (warranty) if it is in stock.